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Drug & Alcohol Resources

J. D. Muth © 2009--Photo taken March 10, 2009 on Sulphur Mountain, in Upper Ojai.

Cal Poly's Counseling Services offers professional counseling for students with alcohol, marijuana and other drug concerns. Many students find that choices related to alcohol and other drug use are a challenging part of their college experience. Some of the concerns students may have are difficulty with control of alcohol or drug use, as well as emotional, relational, legal or academic problems related to substance use.

Students who would like to see one of the professional counselors on staff can do so by making a screening appointment at Counseling Services with one of the Alcohol and Drug Specialists on staff.  We also have several other mental health professionals available who are trained to assist you with these issues.


Free, confidential, brief individual counseling services. Individual assessment and feedback. Guidance in reducing or eliminating alcohol or drug use based on your goals. Assistance with academic, emotional and personal issues.

Substance Abuse Group: Students need to meet with a counselor for a referral to the group. There is a one quarter commitment to attend the group. No drop-ins.

Off campus referral and resource information when appropriate.





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